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Civil Department

About us

>To impart quality and real time education to contribute to the field of Civil Engineering. >To impart soft skills, leadership qualities and professional ethics among the graduates to handle projects independently. >To develop graduates to compete at the global level. >To deal with the contemporary issues and to cater to the societal needs.
>To produce engineers having professional and leadership qualities with capacity to take up professional and research assignments in Civil Engineering and allied fields with focus on inter-disciplinary and innovative approach and to compete at the global level.
Time for Period (01:00hour), Total (7)periods
Period for a day Mostly(7:00)hours
Period for a week Mostly (35:00)hours
Time for a week per year (36)weeks (including self-study & exam)
Total Period for a year (1120)hours
Period for Practical 2-weeks in a Year
AM(4) period between (8:00)hour to (12:00)hour
(12:00)hour to (1:00) hour is break time
(3) period between (1:00) hour to (4:00)hour
Based on Theory - 40% & Practical -60%
>Daw Kyin Kyin Hlaing
>Head of Department
>Phone - 09798740552
>Email -
Daw Kyin Kyin Hlaing
Daw Thandar Aye
Daw Zin Mar Kyaw
Daw May Aung
Assistant Lecturer
Daw Phyu Thawe Thawe Htun
Assistant Lecturer
Daw Nay Chi Oo
Assistant Lecturer
Daw Thin Yi Mon
Daw Aye Aye Mon
U Nyi Zin
U Kyin Lwin
Daw Lwin Myo Oo

Civil Department (Teachers)

Daw Kyin Kyin HlaingLecturerkyinkyinhlaing@gmail.com09-789702018
Daw Zin Mar KyawLecturerzinmarkyaw@gmail.com09-789702018
Daw Thandar AyeLecturerthandaraye@gmail.com09-789702018
Daw May AungAssistant Lecturermayaung@gmail.com09-790157807
Daw Nay Chi OoAssistant Lecturernaychioo@gmail.com09-790157807
Daw Phyu Thwe Thwe HtunAssistant Lecturerphyuthwe@gmail.com09-790157807
Daw Thin Yi MonTutorthinyimon@gmail.com09-402715087
Daw Aye Aye MonTutorayeayemon@gmail.com09-402715087
U Nyi Nyi ZinTutornyinyizin@gmail.com09-966096154

Civil Department (Subjects)

Year Subjects Workshop/Practical
AGTI Year I Myanmar Masonary Work
Engineering English Carpentary Work
Engineering Mathematics
Engineering Science
Civil Engineering Drawing
Building Materials & Construction
Engineering Mechanics
Year Subjects Workshop/Practical
AGTI Year III Engineering English R.C Practical
Building Services B.S Practical
Fundamental of Steel,Concrete& Timber Structures(CST) Surveying Practical
Railway & Irrigation
Estimating & Specifications
Design of Concrete Structure
Civil Engineering Drawing
Year Subjects Workshop/Practical
AGTI Year II Engineering English Surveying Practical
Engineering Mathematics Masonary Work
Roads And Bridges Carpentary Work
Fluid Mechanics
Building Materials & Construction
Civil Engineering Drawing
Elementary Surveying

Multi-Faceted Youth Development Festival

Date- From(18.12.2019) To (19.12.2019)
1.PVC pipe of Chair&Table
2.Modeling of one storeyed RC Building
3.Wooden Bridge& Furniture

Training of Electrical Department, led by (IBPD Centre)

1.Surveying Training

2.Brick Laying Training

3.Pipe Installation Training

4. 5S Implementation Training

Surveying Training

Trainer-Daw Nay Chi Oo & Daw Phyu Thwae Thwae Htun

Number of participants-(10)

Purpose of Training